Ajay Kwatra

To find a trial tested California Trial Lawyer who seeks justice and is a firm believer in fighting a good fight because it is worth it, look to the Law Offices of Attorney Ajay Kwatra. His law offices are located in San Diego, serving clients statewide for over 17 years. Born in India, Ajay grew up in the United States, living and getting his college education in Iowa. He then attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and began his law career as an attorney following graduation in 1996.

Attorney Ajay Kwatra

Clients statewide seek the legal representation of Attorney Ajay Kwatra, because he is so successful in and out of the courtroom. He is licensed for law practice in all Federal and State of California Courts. An outstanding solo practitioner, he is experienced with winning trials and million-dollar settlements for his clients. Mr. Kwatra’s law practice is devoted to Personal Injury, Business Litigation, Medical Malpractice and Elder Abuse. His quest is always to seek and gain justice for his clients, who come from all races and creeds.

California Lawyer

In his career Ajay Kwatra works constantly with world renowned experts, including his father, Cardiologist Dr. Mohan Kwatra, and Pediatrician Dr. Vini Kwatra. His San Diego, CA, law offices are just minutes from downtown courtrooms, where he generally practices. His method of serving clients is to treat them honorably and with respect, as if they were his only client. His approach to winning cases is hands-on and positive, aggressive and focused.

High Quality Legal Representation

Attorney Ajay Kwatra has faith in his law career mission, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, to believe he can alter the course of history for his clients. Benefit from his knowledge, experience and determination, by getting your first consultation now. To contact Mr. Kwatra at his San Diego, CA, law offices, call now, (858) 539-1820.