Elder Abuse

Treating elders with respect, courtesy and honor is the ideal, but elder abuse is often the reality today. Attorney Ajay Kwatra enjoys representing elders for their legal needs, and he is avid about reporting elder abuse. He feels it is a crime and a tort to abuse these cherished people and works zealously to bring offenders to justice.

Attorney Ajay Kwatra

Clients turn to San Diego, CA, Attorney Ajay Kwatra for legal advice and representation on many issues, from personal injury to business litigation, medical malpractice and elder abuse. Abuse of senior citizens occurs everywhere, in nursing homes and in private homes. Caretakers all too often are under-trained and unsupervised.

Signs of abuse of an elder person include:

  • Bed sores
  • Use of unnecessary restraints or medications
  • Loss of weight
  • Depression or lack of communication
  • Bruises, cuts or abrasions
  • Poor hygiene care
  • Lack of medical attention
  • Slip & Fall or broken bones and fractures
  • Sexual assault or abuse
  • Wrongful death

Elder Abuse Areas:

  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Financial Abuse

California Elder Abuse Lawyer

In his work as a California Elder Abuse Lawyer, Ajay Kwatra has helped hundreds of elderly clients obtain better quality of life and comfort. He is dedicated to stopping abuse and is always willing to report abuse to authorities. He is licensed to practice in all Federal Courts and State of California Courts. His practice of law focuses on helping people from all walks of life win their fight against injustice and succeed in their battles for compensation. His 17 years of experience practicing law in California are a great benefit to clients he works with. He treats each client as if they were his only client, and takes time to make sure they understand every step in their legal pursuits.

Knowing your elderly loved one is being taken care of properly is essential for your peace of mind. If you have concerns about elder abuse or if you have been abused, get your first consultation now to discuss legal options and to decide what steps you need to take next. Contact the Law Offices of Ajay Kwatra today, at (858) 539-1820.